Right-Wingers Troll John McCain With Death Threats After Cancer Treatment Announcement

John McCain joined Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins — on what is now dubbed “Failure Friday” — to vote down the GOP’s attempt at taking health care away from millions of Americans.

This move was well-received by the majority of people in the U.S. with Susan Collins given a standing ovation at Bangor, Maine airport as she arrived home. There are others, however, who weren’t so happy. Especially people on the right who normally agree with the senator from Arizona.

Most of the time Liberals strongly disagree with John McCain on his policies and the bills he votes for. He doesn’t support single payer healthcare or even Obamacare. But when he voted against the Affordable Care Act (ACA), people on the left didn’t unleash a torrent of death wishes. There seems to be a significant difference between the right and the left on how they respond to the misfortunes of others.

Within minutes of Fox News tweeting news that McCain begins his cancer treatment on Monday, over a hundred not-so-well wishers began posting some very cruel comments.

The level of vileness radiating from these so-called “Christians” is staggering. Agree with McCain’s policies or not, he served his nation with honor and distinction in Vietnam. After that, he dedicated his life to public service. He has represented his constituents well, and his vote against the health care repeal was made with the most vulnerable among them in mind.

Some people thought otherwise:

For these self-proclaimed patriots, bashing an American war hero seems to be second nature. Many even called the record of his service into question. They claimed he betrayed his fellow soldiers in Vietnam. They then doubled down on their disgraceful behavior by slandering that which they praised him for during the 2007 Republican primary: John McCain’s bravery in facing down internment at a Hanoi Hilton.

Now, this is probably one of the more disgusting attacks on McCain. It’s so blatantly false that it got the coveted “Pants on Fire” award from Politifact.

According to the fact check conducted by Politifact:

“Robert Timberg, author of John McCain: An American Odyssey , who has interviewed many POWs who served with McCain, said there’s no evidence that he ever collaborated with the North Vietnamese. ‘I’ve never known of any occasion in which Sen. McCain provided the North Vietnamese with anything of value,’ Timberg said.”

Snopes also debunked these vicious lies. He falsely confessed to war crimes he didn’t commit under extreme duress, but he never divulged anything that would harm his brothers in arms.

The rabid attacks levied against John McCain are yet another sign of just how dangerously unhinged and anti-American many on the right have become. When they wish death on their own Senator, it doesn’t take much to guess what they wish for those of us on the left.

Featured image: CC By 2.0 2007 Jim Greenhill via Wikimedia Commons.

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