Jared And Ivanka Skied While TrumpCare Tanked…And Now Trump Is Furious (VIDEO)

In the wake of Donald Trump's failed healthcare measure, the White House denies the GOP's president is fuming over Jared Kushner ill-timed ski vacation.
Image Lara Trump via Instagram with Public Domain Official White House photo via PetaPixel.

In the wake of Donald Trump’s failed healthcare measure, the White House denies the GOP’s president is fuming over Jared Kushner ill-timed ski vacation.

That, of course, means he’s steaming mad. While the rest of Mein Trumpf’s inner circle spent last week trying to wrangle TrumpCare votes in the House, Ivanka and Jared were enjoying a posh family ski vacation in Aspen.

“Work hard, play hard!” The Daily Mail gushed breathlessly last Wednesday as Jared Kushner reunited with his wife and three children. Their lavish photo spread showed the Kushner-Trumps and their spawn enjoying ice cream cones, strolls through downtown Aspen, and time on the slopes. Alas, families torn apart by mass deportations do not get to partake in such joyous reunions.

CNN reports a source “close to the White House” told them the Father Lord is not one bit happy:

“[Trump] is upset that his son-in-law and senior adviser was not around during this crucial week.”

Ivanka and the kids flew to Aspen last weekend on her father’s private jet, sharing a ride with her brothers and their families. Jared Kushner showed up for work on Monday and Friday, but spent the rest of the week with the Trump klan.

Then Eric Trump’s wife Lara posted a photo with the two couples in full ski regalia and atop a mountain to Instagram.

A post shared by Lara Trump (@laraleatrump) on

CNN adds:

And as the week wore on and it was clear back home on that Trump’s cornerstone campaign pledge to repeal and replace Obamacare was floundering with lawmakers, Jared remained out West, leaving to Vice President Mike Pence, Steve Bannon, Reince Priebus and Kellyanne Conway the arduous task of selling the plan on Capitol Hill.

Meanwhile, Ivanka Trump’s absence also raised eyebrows.

She Instagrammed important White House moments, mentioning support, but she wasn’t at her usual place, seated at roundtable discussions, or standing beside her father’s chair in the Oval Office. Instead, there she was in Aspen, toting her kids, wearing $585 Dior sunglasses — and leaving her new West Wing digs vacant, opting instead for quality spring break time with her immediate family.

As noted by Vanity FairJared Kushner’s and Ivanka Trump’s “West Wing vanishing act” raises doubts about whether they’re fully on board with the Donald’s agenda. On the other hand, their distance can also give them some cover. After all, Ivanka Trump’s allegedly more liberal stance on issues makes her father’s toxic agenda seem less threatening.

The Aspen trip’s timing may have some questioning how loyal or serious the daughter and son-in-law are about their roles within the White House. But their absence also allows them some distance, and immunity, from the mess that has unfolded in Washington.

POLITICO adds this ill-timed family vacation has also made some doubt whether Donald Trump really cared about the GOP’s doomed drive to “repeal and replace” Obamacare. “Their heart was not in the healthcare battle,” a “top Republican” who’d met with POTUS and his team said.

WATCH: CNN reports Donald Trump’s “upset” with Jared Kushner.

Meanwhile, Jared Kushner’s and Ivanka Trump’s Aspen ski vacation has also sparked outrage from taxpayers, due to the costs of their U.S. Secret Service protection. The Aspen Times reports a source from local law enforcement said “as many as 100 secret service agents may be in town protecting the Trumps.” Another source said the number was “far lower,” but it doesn’t take 100 of them to rack up some hefty expenses.

Nor was the irony of the Trump family enjoying the beauty of an environment the GOP seeks to destroy lost on Aspen’s residents.

The Secret Service and U.S> State Dept.

These expenses also include an odd contract signed by the U.S. Secret Service for ski equipment and clothing with the Aspen Valley Ski and Snowboard Club (AVSC).

The $12,208.25 contract was signed March 10 and is good through March 23, according to the Federal Procurement Data System website. The contract is for “lease or rental of equipment, clothing, individual equipment and insignia,” according to the website.

The timing coincides with the Trump family’s visit, yet the AVSC says they don’t rent ski equipment and their executive director says he has never seen a check from the Secret Service.

Featured image Lara Trump via Instagram with Public Domain Official White House photo via PetaPixel.

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