Politician Mulls Quarantine Options For HIV Pos. People, They Are Living Longer

Betty Price

Betty Price is a Georgia lawmaker, former anesthesiologist, and wife of former Trump health secretary Tom Price, who recently resigned amid the scandal of inappropriate use of taxpayer money. Tom Price took Betty by military plane on overseas trips, costing taxpayers $500,000 alone for those flights. Now Betty is having her own scandal, pondering if quarantining people with HIV in the Atlanta, Georgia area may be a legal solution for stopping the spread of the virus.

“I don’t want to say the quarantine word — but I guess I just said it,” Price remarked at a House study committee hearing.

Not only did Betty Price suggest that a quarantine may be warranted, but she also seemed to suggest that it was an inconvenience that patients are not dying at the rates that they used to, since they are able to live longer and possibly pass on HIV to others:

“It’s almost frightening the number of people who are living that are carriers with the potential to spread,” Price said. “Whereas in the past, they died more readily, and at that point, they’re not posing a risk. So we’ve got a huge population posing a risk if they’re not in treatment.”

Chad Griffin, President of the Human Rights Campaign,
called for Betty’s resignation on Twitter.

GLAAD, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, demanded a full apology for the “reprehensible comments.”

You can see Betty make the statements in the video below:

Reporter Christine Grimaldi noted that both Betty and Tom are medical doctors who now have a record of saying offensive things.

‘When we come into spaces like this and we hear questions around how legally far can we go to isolate people or even quarantine people, then it just lets you know that we have a real uphill battle,’ said Dazon Dixon Diallo, director of the Georgia Coalition to End HIV Criminalization.

Quarantine is obviously an extreme and uncalled for step, coming only a short while after the CDC made a breakthrough statement on September 7, 2017 that those with a suppressed viral load resulting from medication can’t transmit the virus to sexual partners.

“This means that getting and staying virally suppressed is not only the best thing people living with HIV can do to maintain their health, but also one of the best ways to prevent new infections through sex,” stated the CDC website.

Hysteria about HIV has been a problem since the 1980s, when the first reports of the disease were released by the Centers for Disease Control. The case of the Indiana teenager, Ryan White, taught Americans about the struggle that he faced after being banned from public school. His fight was successful and he was able to attend school after months of having to take his lessons by telephone. His story attracted celebrities like Elton John and Michael Jackson.

Feature image: Screenshot via YouTube

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