Eric Schneiderman: Trump Is Taking His Threats Off Twitter And Into America’s Living Rooms

AG Eric Schneiderman

In Trump’s latest and most arguably inhumane attack on Obama’s legacy, he signed an executive order to immediately halt cost-sharing subsidies that made affordable health care possible for millions of low-income people in America. Now, similar to what happened when Trump made the cruel decision to end DACA for young immigrants, fifteen states (so far) are bringing a lawsuit.

California Senator Kamala Harris called Trump’s actions “cruel and vindictive.”

Attorney General of California, Xavier Becerra, and Attorney General of New York, Eric Schneiderman are leading in the fight, joining with 19 other Attorney Generals.

Becerra called Trump’s decision to undermine the ACA “intentional, sabotage, real and costly.”

Becerra has asked his Twitter followers to share their story of how the ACA has helped them.

Schneiderman announced the multi-state lawsuit by video. Here are some of the stand-out quotes:

“This move is unacceptable. It’s cruel and it is unlawful,” said Schneiderman.

“His effort to gut these subsidies with no warning or even a plan to contain the fallout is breathtakingly reckless,” he continued. “He has failed twice in efforts to legislatively repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. This is an effort simply to blow up the system.”

“With this move, President Trump has taken his threats off Twitter and brought them into the living rooms of working families across America and the offices of America’s doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers.”

“There seems to be kind of a knee-jerk desire to undo whatever they associate with President Obama, and the fact of the matter is, the overwhelming majority of the American people think we should improve on and build on the Affordable Care Act and make it stronger, not weaker. So the calculus seems to be driven by animus towards his predecessor and by a very very out-of-touch with reality ideology. It is certainly not based on any empirical evidence or the proper analysis of healthcare or economics or the good of the American people.”

Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut noted, that this will affect rates for all Americans.

Senior Senate from New York, Chuch Schumer compared what Trump is doing to a wrecking ball.

Watch Eric Schneiderman in the video below. Fast forward a bit to the first comments:

Featured image: Screenshot via Youtube

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