Americans In Wheelchairs Forcibly Removed As Bill Cassidy Yawns

ADAPT members in wheelchairs arrested by Capitol police

Hundreds of healthcare activists, disability rights advocates, and organizers gathered on the second floor of the Dirksen Senate Office Building to oppose Senate Republicans’ Graham-Cassidy “health care bill.”

The surreal and disturbing pictures of protestors in wheelchairs being arrested by police will forever be recorded in American history as a dark and sinister moment.

Congressional reporter Jeff Stein covered the events moment by moment on Twitter, and one moment seems to really capture the horrible apathy of the Graham-Cassidy bill best.

As protestors were being carried away, Bill Cassidy, (R-La.) seemed unphased and even yawned. Amid screams of protest, he leaned over with his hand on his desk and yawned –just another day for Cassidy as he nears his chance to deprive millions of health care?

Here is the Tweet from Matt Fuller, a writer for the Huffington Post:

People in wheelchairs were reportedly being arrested because they were blocking doorways:

The Capitol police were sent to draw away the protestors, but they too were showing signs that they knew it was wrong:

“You can see pain & confusion on faces of many of the Capitol police officers dragging screaming/crying ppl in wheelchairs against their will”

For everyone involved, except perhaps for Cassidy, the arrests and chaos were impossible to take in and comprehend. Could this really be America today?

These people traveled for some distance to make sure their voices were heard.

This is not the America that any of us can recognize anymore when disabled people have been dragged away as they try to protest having their insurance coverage removed, shouting, “No cuts to Medicaid!”

Disability rights organization, NationalADAPT were in touch with Stein, and let him know the arrested activists were safe on their way to be processed in a DC jail. They didn’t deserve this treatment anymore than they deserve the sham of a bill that would deprive millions of Americans access to affordable care.

Featured image: Screenshots via Twitter

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