Ali Velshi Educates GOP Doctor / Congressman Andy Harris On Health Care And Math (Video)

Ali Velshi isn’t so much an ideologue as he is a numbers guy. The former CNN Business host and current MSNBC host makes it his business to know the numbers and explain them in a clear fashion. When Maryland GOP Congressman and Doctor Andy Harris came on his show, Velshi was ready to keep Harris, like he does all his guests, on the same path as the facts.

The two locked horns early and often. Out of the gate, Velshi asked Harris how the Republicans planned to move forward with a bill that new polling is showing the bill’s popularity at a paltry 12 percent. Harris responded by attacking Obamacare and contending that premiums would go down under their plan and the “people” just didn’t appreciate what a great thing they were doing for them.

Here, Velshi stopped him and corrected him on the point of premiums going down under Trumpcare. The fact is that premiums will not go down — ever, under any plan.

Then, Harris really tried to pull a fast one — he contended that everyone was wrong and almost 800 billion wasn’t being pulled from Medicaid over the next decade. He contended that they are actually increasing funding by 50 percent. Of course, Velshi corrected him there as well. He also pointed out that by saying what he was saying — that a “decrease in an increase” is not a cut — that he just used the same “math” as he condemned when he was arguing about premium increases.

Harris also claimed that 22 million people losing their coverage was a fallacy too. When Velshi asked for some proof of that, Harris could only claim that the States would be picking up the slack. Velshi reminded him that the States don’t have that money laying around and that they can’t run deficits, unlike the Federal Government.

After listening to Harris nonsense for a few minutes and “being polite,” Velshi went off on him after showing proof and confirming that under any plan, premiums are not going down:

“I need you to never ever say that premiums are going down, it’s just not true, sir.” Velshi later added, referring to the graphical proof he just showed, “The arrows are still going up. Up is not down. It just is not. It doesn’t matter which side of the equator you are on. Premiums are going up.”

Harris went back to attacking the GOP sabotaged ACA (Obamacare).

Check out the full fiery exchange between Ali Velshi and Andy Harris below:

At the end, Velshi also got the Congressman to admit that “bi-partisan solutions are best” which begs the question why is the GOP insisting on pursuing this alone, virtually shutting out Democrats as they try to ram this unpopular legislation through — apparently, so they can score a “win.” Something we were supposed to be sick of by now, right?

Perhaps if the GOP stops the childish attempts to “erase” President Obama’s legacy and make it like “he never happened” something could get done. Not many are hopeful of anything like that happening in the near future.


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