Trump’s Candidacy Shows The Ugly Underbelly of American Racism (VIDEO)

Donald Trump supporters reveal the ugly underbelly of racism in America.

Mobs of angry Donald Trump supporters reveal the ugly truth about racism in America.

Remember the childhood story The Pied Piper? Donald Trump is the modern-day, real-life, Pied Piper of American politics trailing mobs of racist Trump supporters in his wake. He’s played his racist, xenophobic, and misogynistic tune and brought all of the racist bigots out of their hiding places and into the open. Thanks Trump, for proving that America is still home to baseball, racism, and apple pie. Racism is in the very roots of American society and with the emergence of Trump’s candidacy, its poisonous effects are becoming more and more apparent.

For the conscious eye, there were code words or replacement words there all the time to mask the desire to use the n-word such as thug, Welfare Queens, Terrorist, Lazy, Shiftless, Angry black man or angry black woman. We have to take our country back. Or the Trump rallying cry, “Make America great again.” The comforting aspect of a presidential candidate like Donald Trump for his many supporters is, he gives them the courage to say what they want and even if they can’t say it how they do in private.

One of the women in a recent CNN interview of Trump’s supporters said that her support for Trump was due in large part to him saying what she thinks. He gives her a voice to say the things that she is thinking but cannot say because of its “political incorrectness,” which is of course code for saying racist things.

Many others have voiced the same sentiments that one of the biggest problems in this nation is political correctness. The kind of political correctness that won’t allow them to say the N-word, the C-word, or the S-word. Many of the interested observers in this Trump fiasco, inside and outside of this nation, people are appalled at the bravado and vitriol they are witnessing from Mr. Trump himself and his frenzied supporters who have on occasion (at Trump’s urging) assaulted those who disagreed with them. However, this white backlash didn’t start with Trump and chances are it won’t end when he is relegated to the dustbin of history after the inevitable landslide loss to Hillary or Bernie come this November.

This backlash and uncovering of America’s ugly, racist underbelly actually climaxed on November 4th, 2008 when the announcement came that Barak Hussein Obama was this nation’s first black President. It was then that the racists, perhaps viewing Obama’s example as an end to their 240-year-old white entitlement program was at its end, lost their fear of verbalizing what they previously concealed in their hearts. We have heard this music of blatant, in your face racism before and when Trump started running for president, the closeted racists came out and have not been ashamed to show how much further we have to go as a nation. Trump is just the Trumpetier playing an old tune.


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