WATCH: You’ll Never Guess What These Parents Threw At Sleeping Homeless Man While Their Kids Watched (Video)

A local news station in Albuquerque, New Mexico has reported that a homeless Native American man was sleeping quietly on the side of the road when he was allegedly lit on fire as a result of having fireworks thrown at him from the window of a passing purple Chevy Tahoe. The Native American Man reportedly suffered severe burns all over his body and is still in an intensive care unit, more than 2 weeks later.

Police had a difficult time locating the people guilty of this crime, that is until they released the surveillance video which clearly shows fireworks being thrown from inside a purple Chevy Tahoe. Once the tips began coming in to the station, police visited the home of Joshua Benavidez, 31 and Irene Enriquez, 31 on several different occasions in order to question the couples whereabouts on July, 11 when this crime took place.

Benavidez apparently denied his involvement each time.prior to the detectives finally showing up at their home with arrest warrants for the couple.

Allegedly Benavidez, in a feeble attempt to evade the police and therefore his subsequent arrest, had the family’d purple Chevy Tahoe painted White to not appear to be the one on the video tape. Benavidez allegedly did so just after the crime took place.

Apparently these two each had criminal record’s of their own prior to meeting each other; 3 years ago Enriquez was found passed out behind the wheel of her car at which point she came to and proceeded to lead police on a high speed chase in the opposite direction of traffic, on Albuquerque’s I-25 which ended abruptly when local police laid out a spike strip attempting to end the mayhem she had already caused.

In 2005 Benavidez was arrested for discharging a firearm several times inside of his home with young children present. One of the bullets fired inside of that home hit a crib where his then, infant son was sleeping.

That same son of Benavidez’s, who is now ten years old has been one of the key factors leading to arrests in this case, he reportedly confessed the entire scenario that took place on the night of July, 11th to the family’s babysitter. The police however, are claiming that the surveillance video was the big key in solving this horrific crime.

After being arrested the two were asked how they could do such a horrible thing to someone to which their only reply was “it was just a prank, it was just to scare him.” Benavidez and Enriquez are both facing charges of Aggravated Batteru with Great Bodily Harm, Tampering with Evidence, Conspiracy and Child Abuse. The Court has set each of their bond’s at $100,000.00 cash or surety.

Homeless Man Rudely Awoken By This Family Of 5:

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