WATCH: Highly Intoxicated Florida Resident Live Streams Herself Driving Home Drunk (Video)

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It’s almost predictable as well as somewhat expected that this display of absolute dumb-fuckery was recorded in Jeb Bush’s great State of Florida. The young woman in this video thought it would be a swell idea to live stream herself while attempting to drive home, severely intoxicated from drinking far too much alcohol.

Of all of the dumb, reckless, dangerous, careless, life-threatening things available to live stream yourself doing while completely shitfaced this nincompoop picks, driving a friggin car? I do not wish for many people to have to spend any time behind bars whatsoever, however, this budding genius is the exception to my rule. I think she deserves to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law because this is absolutely disgraceful and should have never existed in the first place.

An automobile is essentially an extremely large and an extremely deadly weapon. So naturally, this imbecile decided that she wanted to not only endanger the lives of every single motorist she is came into contact with, but also endanger both her own as well as their live’s for the sake of seeing how many hits she can get on youtube for this moronic display of pure drunken ignorance? What a frigging dumbass!

I am literally beside myself and more than likely just a smidgeon more stupid as a result of watching the video below. Now, I know that time in “internet world” goes by much, much faster than time actually does for the rest of us, in real life and while I fully understand that a 10 minute video seems like an absolute eternity, you must watch this video in order to fully grasp how far Fox News and the Republican Party have come with their secret agenda to ultimately “dumb down” the American people. It is almost unbelievable that one person could actually be such an insanely thick headed, dumb-ass, however, it is proof positive that this right-wing agenda has absolutely come a very long way in just a short amount of time.

Please never forget that it is never too late to fight the right-wing’s attempts at the dumbing down of our own people and the best way one can begin to do this is to simply vote for democrats, no matter what. I say this only because if Republicans are the root of the problem than the best solution to this problem would be to make sure that they do not ever win an election and the easiest way to do that is to vote blue no matter what, across the board, no questions asked.

So please join me in fighting against exactly the type of unintelligent nonsense as is perfectly displayed in the shocking video, posted just below. Also, don’t forget that a vote for the red team is a vote to willingly submit yourself into becoming as intelligent as a common potato.


Meet the internet’s latest potato by clicking and watching this video.


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