Trump Supporter Pulls His Gun Out On Kids

Michael Robert Kubek, a 56-year-old “good guy with a gun” and resident of Allen Park, Michigan, decided it was a grand idea to level his firearm at children.

Just after 8 p.m on October 29th, Kubik placed a call to police to report that some kids had hit his Trump for President sign in his lawn and then took off running.

Once he arrived, the responding officer stated that there was no sign of Kubek at his Sterling Avenue residents. However the officer did hear quite a commotion coming from the near-by intersection of Pennsylvania and Sterling.

The officer responded to the disturbance and found 6 children sitting in the grass being cursed at by Michael Robert Kubek. The kids ranged in age from 12 to 14 years old. Kubek said he was so upset because he thought the kids had knocked over his precious Trump yard sign according to The News Herald.

When asked if Kubek had witnessed the act, he stated that he had not. Nor did he claim to have security cameras that would have otherwise witnessed the event.

The officer ordered Kubek back to his home and asked the kids a few questions about what happened.

Michael Robert Kubek Is Just Another Good Guy With A Gun

According to the report, one of the children was celebrating a birthday and they were on their way to the park. They were rounding the corner of the intersection of Pennsylvania and Sterling when Kubek allegedly came running after them yelling obscenities at them.

It was upon catching up to the kids that Kubek had pulled out his weapon and ordered them to sit in the grass, accusing them of damaging his sign.

The officer said that he spoke with each child individually and that each confirmed the story of the others. Each also gave a written statement of the allegation.

The officer then questioned Kubek who confirmed the children’s story. When the officer asked if Kubek had brandished his firearm at the children, he responded “yes”. Kubek claimed he felt threatened by the youngsters because he was outnumbered.

Police said that Kubek stated his intention was to scare the kids and that the gun was unloaded and still in its holster when he pointed it at them.

The officer then took possession of the firearm as well as Kubek. He told Kubek he was being charged with felonious assault.

Kubek has since been arraigned on charges ranging from 6 counts of assault with a dangerous weapon and 1 felony firearm charge. If convicted, there will be one less “good guy with a gun” to menace our streets.

A probable cause hearing is set for December 5th and Kubek is currently out on a $5,000 bail.

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