Texas Father Playing With Loaded Gun Shoots Daughter In The Chest

30-year-old Justin Ryan Jones of Austin, Texas, is never going to wake up one morning and deliver a lecture on perturbation theory, that much is certain. Apparently, Justin is a caliber of moron seldom seen in the civilized world because it is really a miracle that he has not won a Darwin award already. He is the very reason why there are instructions on shampoo bottles.

Justin just loves the 2nd amendment and thought he would exercise his right to keep and bear arms on his very own toddlers. Justin was aiming his gun at his children and pretending to shoot them until he actually squeezed the trigger and shot his 9-year-old daughter in the chest.

The Temple Daily Telegram reported the particulars.

The 7-year-old son of an Austin man said his father was pretending to fire at his sister when the gun went off and he shot the 9-year-old girl, according to an arrest affidavit.

Justin Ryan Jones, 30, is charged with injury to a child, a first-degree felony, and remained in the Bell County Jail Monday in lieu of a $25,000 bond, jail records showed.

Jones allegedly told a Bell County Sheriff’s Department deputy he was showing his children gun safety when the gun he was holding fired and shot his 9-year-old daughter.

But Jones’ son said his father was pretending to shoot them.

The 7-year-old said he liked the clicking sound the gun made. He said his father pulled the trigger and “his sister was shot,” the affidavit said.

Jones’ 6-year-old son said his father was pointing the gun at his sister and held it in both hands while pretending the shoot them.

The girl was shot in the upper chest area and was initially in critical condition when transported to Baylor Scott and White Memorial Hospital. The injuries she had led to several surgeries, but she was recently released from the hospital and is expected to fully recover, Lt. T.J. Cruz, Bell County spokesman, said Friday.

Jones was allowed to go to the hospital with his daughter after the shooting because he was so upset after the incident, Cruz said.

The father was watching his children in their grandparent’s home in the 5200 block of Indian Springs Road when the shooting happened. The children live with their grandparents, Cruz said.

Children’s Protective Services is investigating the case and is involved with the family, Julie Moody, spokeswoman for the Texas Department of Family & Protective Services, said Monday. CPS has not removed the children, Moody said.

Naturally and of course, we can thank the rank and file of Nascar-Americans for breeding a dastardly buffoon like this philistine. We have a gun fetish problem in this country and lax laws are what allow cretins like Justin to play Dirty Harry with their children. The NRA used to be an organization that taught gun safety but Wayne LaPierre saw that he would have a much better lifestyle selling out to the gun manufacturers that are so unbelievably recalcitrant that Republicans refuse to ban people on no-fly lists from buying a gun.

Republicans are so wholly owned and servile to the NRA that they want terrorists to be able to buy guns. Of course, the NRA will say that this is the price of freedom. Meanwhile in Lubbock Texas, a 5-year-old was killed when his father was cleaning his gun and shot his son in the chest, killing him.

KLBK in Lubbock reported:

Lubbock Police were called to the report of an accidental shooting just after 6:00 p.m. in the 2500 block of 71st Street.  Police at the scene said a 5-year-old child was pronounced dead after being taken by EMS to Covenant Medical Center.

“Unfortunately a child did die after being transported to Covenant Women and Children’s from a gun shot wound. It appears to be accidental but we have steps that we have to take,” said Sergeant Jason Lewis with Lubbock Police.”

We had over 30,000 deaths by gun last year and the response from the wholly owned political whores of the NRA is to turn their palms up in the air and say, “this is the price of freedom.” It’s certainly true that the day after Sandy Hook when the NRA said we could do nothing to prevent such massacres in the future, that they became a terrorists group that cloak themselves in the faux-patriotism that is causing so many Americans to lose their lives needlessly.

The price of “freedom” does not include the needless death of children.

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