False-Flagger Charged For Sending Death Threats To Sandy Hook Dad (VIDEO)

Sandy Hook False-Flagger

Lucy Richards of Tampa, Florida, 57, drank the Alex Jones Kool-Aid and allegedly sent death threats to the father of a slain 6-year-old boy who was a victim at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Fake News And False Claims Strike Yet Again In A Superbly Disgusting Manner. This Time Obscene Threats Are Levied At Victims Families Of Sandy Hook.

Most notable of the sites that allegedly drove Richards to commit the heinous act of harassing the slain boy’s father is everyone’s favorite sociopath and in-real-life Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man, Alex Jones.

Jones has claimed everything is a false flag terror attack perpetrated by the American government in an effort to seize your guns. A gun grab we have been waiting to happen for nearly 8 years under the Obama administration. A gun grab that never seems to happen no matter what Democrat they try to hurl the accusation at.

Richards evidently left three voicemails for Lenny Pozner, father of Noah Pozner. One of the voicemails recorded states “You gonna die, death is coming to you real soon,” according to a federal indictment obtained by PEOPLE Magazine. “Death is coming to you real soon and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

In an email from Richards to the victim’s father, she is quoted as saying “LOOK BEHIND YOU IT IS DEATH,” according to charges.

Richards, an unemployed waitress, told the judge at the hearing that she had been Social Security income since 2004.

Judge Barry Seltzer ordered a $25,000 bond to be paid by Richards as well that she seek mental help should her release officer recommend it.

The Judge also ordered that she refrain from contacting any other parents or relatives of the 26 victims that died on that fateful and terrible day in Newtown, Connecticut.

Pozner and other families of victims have been constantly harrassed by these out-of-touch unfeeling psychos. So much so that they have started a website called HONR Network.

“This is a cowardly approach to having their grievances heard, and we need to ensure that they find some other method of doing so which doesn’t directly affect victims’ family members or anyone else involved in the management of the tragedies, such as emergency service workers or those who were in any way involved.”

“We intend to hold such abusers personally accountable for their actions, in whatever capacity the law allows,” the site states.

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