NYC Police Beat Black Kid (Video)

It’s as if the Police in New York City are completely daft to the public reaction to the Eric Garner murder and clearly the NYPD has never received a moments training on deescalating a situation. Clearly they have lost even the pretense of ‘community policing’ in lieu of the brute force methods that have been so notoriously exposed of late including murdering a man for selling untaxed cigarettes.

Police in the 7th precinct responded to an assault on a 20 year-old man which left him with a broken jaw. The Keystones were looking for three black assailants and rounded up the nearest suspects walking down the street. Unfortunately for these 3 middle-schoolers, they were walking while black. Despite their protestations of innocence, police began manhandling these kids and one was already in handcuffs when Officer John McDevitt jumps in to punch the 16 year old repeatedly in the back.

The victim later informed the police that these were not the assailants but that did not stop them from already arresting the innocent kids and speculating that this was some gang initiation. Officer McDevitt was put on paid vacation while internal affairs concludes that he is innocent of any wrongdoing as seen in the video when he was actually protecting the shit out of him.

Sadly, in not just NY but in every other stretch of the country, if you have the temerity to ask why you are being arrested you are actually “resisting arrest” which has been the go-to and specious excuse to put citizens in jail by the police.

It’s will be no surprise when the public integrity unit finds no wrongdoing by Officer McDevitt and lets him get back to protecting and serving the hell out of the innocent kids that have the nerve to walk while black.

HT: Sarah Doneghy uploaded this video via Facebook.

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