Masked Racists Trap And Threaten Members Of Media At North Dakota Motel (VIDEO)

In acts that herald the memories long hoped dead and forgotten of the KKK and the torment endured by people of color throughout the organization’s horrific history, three native media crew members have been stalked and harassed by white masked men outside a Cannon Ball motel.

First, it was threats outside of a motel. Then it became a late night chase on the highway in North Dakota

Shiyé Bidzííl and Myron Dewey were first accosted by masked men in front of a Ramada Inn motel in Bismark, North Dakota on December 5th.

The men blocked Bidzííl and Dewey’s exit from the motel with their vehicles and proceeded to ironically demand that all the protesters leave.

Utilizing Facebook Live, Bidzííl was able to capture the scene and expose the act to the public.

The terrorists are seen in the video below alleging that they have been following the two journalists and that they had sexually assaulted their wives.

However, the act outside the motel was not to be the only interaction the men have experienced at the hands of these organized racists.

Once again using Facebook Live, they were able to catch the lengthy event on video. The full video is available here.

These actions are all too familiar to those that know anything about the civil rights movement. The tactics shown here were in common use by the KKK having even been employed to murder Freedom Riders James Chaney, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner on a fateful Mississippi night.

That these men have acted in much the same way we have seen used by the notorious hate group comes as no surprise. If Standing Rock has shown us anything it is that our nation isn’t as progressive as we had hoped and that some are still treated as second-class citizens. The battle for equality rages on.

One person has since been arrested.

According to the Bismark police department Jesse D. McLain, 33, was charged with two counts of terrorizing after he allegedly was part of a confrontation in which two masked men harassed protesters of the Dakota Access pipeline outside a Ramada Inn Monday in North Dakota.


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