Incorrigible Moron Gives Loaded Gun To 3-Year-Old Who Kills Sister

Convicted felon Daniel Roberts was doing some target shooting with two little girls when he thought it would be a good idea to teach a 3-year-old about her 2nd amendment rights. He handed her a loaded .22 rifle and she shot and killed her 7-year-old sister Melina in Liberty, Illinois.

Sadly, Melina will never get the chance to exercise her right to live because her uncle is an imbecile. Melina will never get the opportunity to worry about protecting her freedom from a tyrannical government. She will never get to go to high school or prom or any of the other things that are good in life because she was killed with a 10 cent bullet. That’s what human life is worth in the United States because the National Rifle Association doesn’t want any regulations that might stem the flow of children’s blood.

According to the NRA, Bill Clinton was the worst president in history on guns and was just about to start grabbing NRA guns before Wayne LaPierre protected members from Janet Reno’s jackboots. Then Al Gore was the worst candidate on guns. Then John Kerry was the worst. Then Hillary and Obama were definitely coming for their guns because they want to abolish the 2nd amendment which states in very clear language that, “anyone that wants to murder children en masse can protect themselves from any regulation whatever because Republicans shalt vote no on anything proposed by President Blakula.”

This is the kind of idiocy that flourishes in the simple minds of Republicans. They’re convinced that their guns will protect them from a government comprised of fellow Americans that’s armed with Spectre Gunships, Predator drones, M1 Battletanks and 100 megaton tactical thermonuclear bombs. Many people are of the opinion that NRA members should not suffer the insults they richly deserve because mentioning how colossally stupid they are will merely keep them from changing their minds. Republicanism has devolved into a religious cult since Jerry Falwell so effectively mixed religious bigotry and hatred into the fertile political ground of republicanism.

The NRA is so recalcitrant and impermeable to logic that even when children are murdered they turn their pusillanimous palms up in the air and say, “this is the price of freedom.” They do not care how many children are murdered. They do not care that 30,000 Americans die from gunshots every year. There is no horror that they will not bear to keep their fetish from being regulated and thanks to Antonin Scalia’s abrogation of 200 years of constitutional law in his preposterous Heller decision, we have many thousands more of children that will be gunned down because if NRA members had to pass an IQ test to get their boomsticks and we set the passing score somewhere in the domesticated animal range, less than .5% would qualify to own firearms.

Here’s the awful particulars from in Illinois.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 4.46.15 PMDaniel Roberts is in the Adams County Jail on 100 thousand dollars’ bond, and will be back in court for a preliminary hearing June 1st.

A third person has been arrested in connection with the death of a 7-year-old Adams County girl.

The Adams County Sheriff’s Office arrested the girl’s mother, Karen L. Torres, on an obstruction of justice charge.

Melina Torres died at Blessing Hospital after getting shot at a residence south of Liberty, Illinois Friday afternoon.

Torres is the biological mother of the victim.

Torres was taken to the Adams County jail on a $6,000 bond.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 5.16.48 PMShe is expected to appear in court on Tuesday.

Adams County Chief Deputy Joe Lohmeyer said the firearm was placed in a 3-year-old’s hands, which ultimately led to the child’s death.

Two other people were arrested in connection to the shooting death Friday night.

The girl’s grandmother, Julie Roberts, 49, and uncle, Daniel Roberts, 32, were arrested and taken to the Adams County jail.

They appeared in court Monday morning.


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