This Is How Home Depot Treats Their Heroes

Home Depot

When Dillon Reagan was getting ready for his shift at Home Depot, he didn’t think he would be ending the day having helped keep a child safe. Reagan probably didn’t think he would lose his job for being a concerned citizen either. Unfortunately, that’s just what happened.

What Dillon saw was his co-worker yelling for help and a distraught woman begging for help and saying a man was trying to steal her child.

“I stepped outside and sure enough, there’s this lady who’s frantic and crying, ‘Somebody help me, please! He’s stealing my kid, he’s kidnapping my child!'”

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Reagan did what any decent human being should do — and what far too few will actually do — and called the police. At the behest of the dispatcher, Reagan followed at a safe distance until police had arrived.

“They said, don’t touch him, don’t engage with him, but keep an eye on him. Let us know where he is going so we know where to go when we get there,” Reagan said.

It took Dillon all of 10 minutes to return to work after the ordeal. Unfortunately, that was 10 minutes too long for his Home Depot supervisor who decided this was a high crime deserving of a good firing.

And so it was that a man who stood up and was counted when it came time to help a mother in fear of losing her child, lost his job for that very act.

Reagan, of course, filed for unemployment and wasn’t denied:

Home Depot

You really have to wonder, just what was going through the mind of the person typing this letter up at the unemployment office?

Portland, Oregon’s local KATU 2 reached out to Stephen Holmes, a Home Depot spokesperson. Holmes said he would further investigate the matter. Apparently not all the lights are on at Home Depot since it took them a few hours to realize the public relations nightmare this would cause for the company. They decided to offer Dillon Reagan his job back.

Home Depot has an awful track record, so we hope Reagan finds a better job.

We have only to look at other employees that Home Depot has treated in this manner for “doing the right thing.”

Several months ago, Home Depot fired four employees for thwarting a shoplifter’s attempt at stealing over a thousand dollars worth of merchandise.

One of the four was fired for specifically “coming into contact with a customer’s cart.”

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At this point, the company is digging for reasons to fire people if they think the employees might, on the off-chance, be a liability for helping track a man who might be kidnapping a child.

While the police in Dillon Reagan’s incident were able to determine that the issue was not a kidnapping but rather a domestic dispute, Dillon had no way of knowing that. He reacted the way any of us should. To have a decent society, it often times may require one to look out for the safety of others.

Dillon Reagan is a hero. We could use more people like him in our world and certainly in our workplaces. Dillon Reagan is not a coward and readily stepped forward when called upon to do the right thing. If you happen to see Reagan at a local bar having a beer, make sure you buy him one.

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