German Trophy Hunter Kills Largest Elephant Seen In Zimbabwe In 30 Years (VIDEO)

Apparently, America has not cornered the market on murderers that can afford to fly to Africa and rape the land that still miraculously produces some of the most threatened species on the planet.

Germany produced this vile bastard that stands atop the cultish community of death merchants which cheered the murder of the biggest bull elephant seen in 30 years. The Daily Telegraph posted these images featuring the German miscreant saying:



“It was shot on October 8 in a private hunting concession bordering Gonarezhou by a hunter who paid $60,000 (£39,000) for a permit to land a large bull elephant and was accompanied by a local, experienced professional hunter celebrated by the hunting community for finding his clients large elephants.

The German national, who the hunt’s organisers have refused to name, had travelled to Zimbabwe to conduct a 21-day game hunt including species among the Big Five of elephants, leopards, lions, buffalo and rhinoceros.”

This is not “hunting” and it certainly isn’t sport, so let’s stop calling it by what it isn’t. This is thrill-killing by sociopaths with money. Of course the killers will say, “this helps the local community by bringing money into the economy.” Meanwhile the “Big Five” cannot even maintain their population because of poaching and habitat loss. It is constantly going down thanks to these bastards and the poachers.

5The “good” hunters that “follow the law” know all about the “poachers” that help populate the planet with 7 billion human beings. The trophy killers say, “if it weren’t for the poachers, game management would increase the wildlife and we could go and kill without much bother.” The problem is of course that the poachers are there and they’re not spending $100,000 on safaris. Certainly the demand of thrill-killers wanting to blow away the Big Five  to prove their impotent “manhood” adds to an already obscene demand for Ivory and Rhinoceros horn in economic juggernauts like China which makes the desire to trophy hunt these creatures all the more abominable.

For too long, humans have consumed the precious resources of this planet without regard for the other creatures on the planet and we’ve done it with a despicable level of impunity such that we are solely responsible for causing mass extinctions on this planet. The causes of this can be traced to three things: religion, poverty and the desire of the rich to exploit the precious resources on this planet for their own benefit.

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They are close cousins, religion and poverty. One an affliction of the mind and the other circumstance. Religion teaches humans that we are the children of an almighty super-being that put these creatures on the planet for our use and benefit. That is the attitude that has caused atrocities throughout the centuries since religion began to plague mankind. Poverty is another cruelty that invariably causes untold violence against animals.

Nobody in the centuries to follow with ever accuse human beings of being good stewards of this planet.

Since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, we as a species have consumed half this planet’s resources. The simple mathematical certainty is that Mother Earth cannot sustain a human population of 7 billion people bent on treating our home with sluttish disregard. These thrill-killing troglodytes would do the planet a much greater service to the planet by drowning themselves.

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