Gunman George Zimmerman Tweets Crime Scene Photos of Victim

George Zimmerman, the man who was found guilty of murder in the court of public opinion, but eventually set free, thanks to a loophole in the legal system (bought and paid for by the gun manufacturing lobby), is now showcasing his handiwork on Twitter. Yesterday, retweeted a photo of Trayvon Martin lying dead in the grass where George shot him.


The Twitter conversation is still active at the moment, but the odds are good once reports are received of the offensive nature of the image embedded in his tweet, it will be deleted. Can conservatives finally drop the pretense that this is a human being who deserves their support? Please?

Remind yourself, stand-your-ground supporters, George was the idiot that accepted an invitation to take a tour of the facility where the actual gun that killed Trayvon was manufactured. A spokesperson for his legal team said at the time, “That was not part of our public relations plan.” No, probably not — but telling the jury your client was a danger to himself and others should have been.

I know Second Amendment advocates play fast and loose with statistics (yes, Ammosexual Americans, statistically there’s a much greater chance that you’ll be killed if you keep a gun in the house), but there is a 0.0% chance that Zimmerman didn’t go looking for a reason to use his gun the night he shot and killed an unarmed child.

I don’t need to re-trace the steps George followed the night he murdered Trayvon because they’re seared into my memory. I followed the case carefully, painstakingly detailing every transcript and audio recording, analyzing witness testimony during the trial, and examining all the crime scene evidence.

That evidence included a photograph of Trayvon’s lifeless body, lying askew in the grass, his eyes open and staring into a future he hadn’t lived to see. It is the same photo his killer just sent to his “followers” on Twitter; a photograph sent to him by an admirer, who called George a “one man army.” No, he’s a menace to society.

Not guilty
George Zimmerman reacts to the jury verdict.

The famous images of George’s smug grin as the verdict was announced are also hardwired into my brain. Since walking free, Zimmerman has never been far from trouble. Immediately following the trial, he hunkered down inside his home with what police referred to as a ‘small arsenal’ of weapons. He said at the time that he feared for his life, believing he would be a “victim” of a revenge killing.

Soon thereafter, police were called to the Zimmerman home and arrested him for allegedly pointing a shotgun at his (then) girlfriend’s face. The chief of police of Lake Mary, Florida, Steve Bracknell said “If I had the authority to revoke his firearm license, I would certainly sit down and consider that.”

Seized by police at the time: one Keltec 12-gauge shotgun, one Walther .380 handgun with seven rounds of live ammunition in the magazine, one Taurus 9 mm handgun with live rounds in the magazine, one Glock 19 handgun with 16 live rounds, one AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, plus dozens of rounds of ammunition, gun holsters and bags. Second Amendment advocates sent tens of thousands of dollars in donations for him to replenish his arsenal in the following months.

Zimmerman's gun
The murder weapon

Never fear, “Moron Labe-ites,” George is just as dangerous behind the wheel, as when he’s “standing his ground.” Zimmerman and a man named Matthew Apperson have been feuding like the Hatfields and McCoy’s. “Do you know who I am?” Apperson says George screamed, “I’ll f#¢%ing kill you.” Zimmerman’s third trip to the Seminole County jail included charges of aggravated assault with a weapon.

Proving there really is no justice in this wicked world, it’s Matthew that’s currently awaiting trial on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, and one count of firing a deadly missile into a vehicle. He took a shot at George driving in his car and missed.

George Zimmerman is a man who was given a second chance at life, after making a series of bad decisions which led to him killing a kid in the neighborhood, armed only with Skittles and iced tea. Did he learn his lesson? Clearly not — or we wouldn’t currently have to watch him enjoying the attention that his senseless act of violence earned from gun nuts across the country. There’s a killer on the loose, so — fair warning, Florida.

You’re welcome.

Update: Twitter has deleted the pic after protests. This is the internet, however, where nothing really goes away. American News X has chosen not to display the image as a part of this reporting. If you want to see it, click here.


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