FBI Blames You For Crime: Cops Do Not Want To Do Their Job If You Are Watching (VIDEO)

Police Brutality
FBI Director James Comey thinks we need to stop filming officers.

FBI Director, and staunch conservative, James Comey says that the recent rise in crime statistics is your fault. Well you, the so-called “Ferguson Effect,” and YouTube. The spin job from the top of the FBI comes off like this: stop watching them, stop videoing them, and please, stop with the #hashtags — cops fear your phone and don’t want to have to do their jobs if they have to do it right. 

With over 800 killings by cops this year alone, a 20 year high, you would think that the FBI would be looking into why there is an epidemic of murder by cop. No one is complaining about officers doing their job, they are complaining about officers who are NOT doing their job. Honestly, there is nothing in this sad excuse except a whiny, truculent, power-hungry police force attempting to maintain a police state by sailing under the radar. If officers were actually doing their job, they would have no fear of cameras.

The FBI Director would have us believe that the officers are getting scared of doing the work that controlls violent crime because of the ridicule they face in viral videos. Police have so little to worry about that their biggest problem is criticism on Youtube? It is true that Police are enjoying a 40 year low in fatal shootings of officers. One officer gunned down is too many – but there are many jobs far more deadly, including taxi drivers and bartenders. In fact, their jobs are pretty safe, compared to many American’s jobs:

From Usuncut.com
From Usuncut.com

“Don’t watch us! We are gonna have to actually do our job without just killing anyone that makes us upset or nervous,” sounds a whole lot different than, “Pernicious YouTube viral videos and the ‘Ferguson Effect’ are forcing officers to stop doing their job.” The latter is a spin job by the highest FBI, and the former is the truth.

It is just unreal that the FBI would blame accountability for the rise in crime statistics being seen around the country; not civil rights complaints, not rampant religious extremism, not poverty, not hunger or lack of education — accountability.

Here is the TYT segment on this attempted travesty of justice:

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