Breaking: Man Claiming To Be Stabbed Because Of ‘Neo-Nazi’ Haircut Was Lying

In mid-August Joshua Witt of Sheridan, Colorado, posted on Facebook that he had been attacked and stabbed by a man accusing him of being a Neo-Nazi because of his haircut. Turns out he lied, shocking, right?

Mr. Witt claimed that he had held up his arms in defense and thus was lucky to only get wounded in the hand. This, of course, created an outcry on various right-wing news and websites, further fueling the “leftists-are-the-violent-ones” fire, and Snopes did a piece on it too, initially rating it as “unproven”. The article has since been updated with the new information and the rating “false”.

Witt even posted a picture of his wound on Facebook:

Today, however, the Sheridan Police Department said that Joshua Witt lied about the incident. The police department has spent the two weeks since the alleged attack investigating and trying to track down the supposed perpetrator. They¬†did find someone who matched Witt’s description of the attacker, but this man was cleared of any wrongdoing in regards to the “stabbing.” Police also looked at surveillance video from the “crime” scene, and the footage didn’t show anyone running from the scene, as Witt had stated earlier.

During an interview on August 24, Witt admitted to the police that he had accidentally stabbed himself with a knife he had just bought and that he had made the whole “being attacked” thing up. Witt may now face up to one year in jail and a hefty fine.

One wonders if he ever read “The Boy Who Cried Wolf“?

Featured image via Sheridan Police Department

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