Anti-Choice Activist Announces Totally Not Creepy Plan To Present Hillary Clinton With An Aborted Fetus (Video)

Heads up, Secret Service, incoming!

Mark Harrington, anti-choice enthusiast and head of the Created Equal PAC, is super excited to announce his fool-proof and totally sane plan to save all of the babies™.

With the launch of his new effort, a little thing he likes to call ‘The Hillary Project,’ Mr. Harrington plans to:

‘Personally present Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton with an unborn baby.’

Wow, right!?!

In an August 15th press release  and associated video — in which, ironically, one can hear a dreadful cover of the song ‘Footloose’ playing in the background — Harrington entreats the imperative ‘incumbent on those who claim the name of Christ’ to call Secretary Clinton out for her ‘support of child killing.’ Harrington is ramping up his crusade in defense of the unborn, as simply trotting out images of miscarried fetuses at previous rallies has clearly not swayed the nominee for the ‘Democrat Party’ from her pro-choice position.

So, this ought to do it!

In his video promoted on the Created Equal PAC YouTube channel, Harrington clearly states that ‘The Hillary Project’ is a private endeavor, unaffiliated with the Created Equal PAC, because the organization does not ‘support or oppose political candidates.’

Uh huh.

Harrington did not specify the timing or location of the plan roll-out, but he did request prayers that god would give him the opportunities needed to ‘help stop the slaughter of unborn children by showing her the victims themselves.’ Also unclear were details about how Harrington planned to obtain aborted fetal remains, raising the flag for local police to check for patterns of mysterious disappearances of pregnant women in his neighborhood.

Thoughts, prayers and god speed, Mr. Harrington, because nothing says ‘pro-life’ quite like toting fetal remains around the country to exploit them for an insalubrious political stunt.

I do hope you’re not offended when pro-choice proponents submit to you the body of a woman whose death resulted from a coat-hanger.

Watch Mr. Harrington’s stupefying announcement here:

Featured image: YouTube screen grab

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