After Watching This You Should Have New Opinion On Firearms In America

The video posted below has to be one of the most compelling, yet heart wrenching, and mind blowing pieces of media that I have given my undivided attention to in quite sometime. The first time that I watched this video, I was rocking my (then infant) daughter to sleep, as the end approached, I began to notice that my face was soaked with tears (I am a former Construction Worker & Commercial Fisherman who is the furthest thing from being an overly sensitive or frantically emotional person). I was actually crying because between processing the factual data presented in the video and having an epiphany; that the American society as a whole can prevent most of these uncalled for deaths triggered instant sadness and depression in my brain.

If we could all simply agree that our children’s welfare and well being are much more pertinent pillars of our society (they are literally the future of America) than our own personal political agenda’s may seem to be, we as a nation would finally be working towards a righteous goal. Please, ask yourselves this simple question, how relevant will our Constitution’s precious second amendment remain if there are no future Americans to inherit it from us? It is ridiculous to think that our right to keep and bear arms is more important than the people whom those firearms were originally intended to protect.

Here are some facts which the National (gun humpers) Rifle Association will never tell you about firearms because hey, dead kids don’t sell firearms nearly as well as politicians, political hate mongering spread to the masses at an ungodly rates through mainstream media. That’s correct, the 4th branch of the U.S. government aka the mainstream media are wholly-owned political prostitutes as is every single member of our “do nothing and blame the black guy” Congress.

It is honestly pathetic if you ask me, that a Nation which was built on the aspirations of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness can be perverted into a nation whose primary concern is the never-ending quest for the almighty dollar.

Between 2006 and 2010, 561 children age 12 and under were killed by firearms, according to the FBI’s most recent Uniform Crime Reports. The numbers each year are consistent: 120 in 2006; 115 in 2007; 116 in 2008, 114 in 2009 and 96 in 2010. The FBI’s count does not include gun-related child deaths that authorities ruled as accidental.” – Newsday

“In 2010, 15,576 children and teenagers were injured by firearms — three times more than the number of U.S. soldiers injured in the war in Afghanistan, according to the defense fund.” — USA Today

Nationally, guns still kill twice as many children and young people as cancer, five times as many as heart disease and 15 times more than infection, according to the New England Journal of Medicine.

— In 2011,14,675 people were wounded in an unintentional shooting but survived.

— In 49 percent of unintentional shooting deaths, the victim is shot by another person.

— Thirty-three percent of U.S. households have a gun, and half of gun-owning households do not lock up their guns, including 40 percent of households with kids under age 18.

— A gun in the home is 22 times more likely to be used in a completed or attempted suicide (11 times more likely), a criminal assault or homicide (seven times more likely), or unintentional shooting death or injury (four times more likely) than in a self-defense shooting.

— Most unintentional shooting deaths occur in the home (65 percent), based on data from 16 states. The most common context of the death (30 percent) was playing with the gun.

Source: Brady Campaign to End Gun Violence

A child or teen is either injured or dies from a situation involving a firearm every thirty minutes in America!

Let’s put an end to these statistics by electing officials who actually stand for common sense and progress. It was politicians like Reagan and Bush who gave the N.R.A. so much political power. It’s high time for them to be neutered.



About Walter Pinkman 165 Articles
Walt is a grumpy, crochety, ball busting, bitter old son of a bitch - who at the ripe old age of 64 has had enough with the manner in which the G.O.P. has been treating the only nation that he calls home. Walt is a native New Yorker, retired long-line fisherman and therefore a bit rough around the edges, he is completely pissed off with the state of the American political circus that has been created by the right-wing.Last year Walter finally decided (against his better judgement) to begin voicing his brash and uncensored opinions across the vast expanse of the internet. Walter claims that his reason for getting involved in political commentary so late in life is that he has finally realized the fact that if he doesn't voice his opinion, he has no right to complain. If this writing stuff pans out decently, Walter's next order of business is retiring someplace "tropical with plenty of nude beaches" (thanx Walter, now I need to bleach that image from my brain)opin , blech!

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