African-American Stabbed In Face By Racist For Offering His Seat

Racist stabs man in face

Yet another racist hate crime has taken place. This time the victim was a transgender black male named Ijan DaVonte Jarret according to the New York Daily News.

When You’re So Racist You’ll Attack Somebody For Being Polite

Stephanie Pazmino was riding on a crowded southbound train with her cousin on Christmas around 11:05 pm when Ijan decided to be a gentleman and offer up a seat. The response he received was not what you would expect.

As opposed to saying “no thanks” or “I prefer to stand” Pazmino turned to her cousin and allegedly stated in Spanish, “I don’t want to sit next to black people.”

“I got up anyway and said to her that she didn’t have to sit next to me,” said Jarrett, who was on his way home from a Christmas Day job. “I took a seat across from her and just forgot all about it.”

Evidently, when Pazmino got up to exit the train, she began punching Ijan Jarret, he says. It wasn’t until another man rushed in to help that Jarret realized he was being stabbed.

Jarrett, who had been stabbed in the arm and slashed across his face, told the New York Daily News, “I ran to the ticket booth to ask the attendant to call the police, she stated that she did and that I should sit down. And I passed out after that.”

Jarret was later rushed to the Harlem Hospital where he received treatment and was listed in stable condition.

He also states that he is not sure whether he was also targeted by Pazmino’s hateful act because he was transgender or if it was just because he was black.

The racist was quickly apprehended at the corner of 125th St. and Lexington in New York and has been charged with assault as a hate crime, reckless endangerment, and weapons possession. She is facing some hefty prison time.


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