The Heritage of Hate (VIDEO)

July 5, 2015 Craig Morichelli 0

  Once again a spotlight shines on what is universally recognized as the Confederate flag due to the recent massacre on June 17, 2015 committed by Dylann Roof inside the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal […]

White Privilege: Why Every Day Is A Great Day To Be White

July 3, 2015 Jared Sandifer 0

I’m tired of people seeing dollar signs when the rest of us see unbearable tragedy. I’m fucking TIRED of seeing Sharpton, Hannity and all of the usual suspects scatter to be seen at the podium or any other gathering about the latest human rights violation that we lap up like dogs. We pretend to be appalled and then click over to see what is happening with the Kardashians (or whatever you like). […]

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