Political Integrity

July 6, 2016 Bruce Lindner 0

All anyone has to do, is look over the history of the past dozen or so administrations, and chart which programs have enhanced American life and which have degraded it. […]

Why Trump Is So Appealing: Greed

July 5, 2016 Charlie Barrel 0

Then someone comes along like Donald Trump, the epitome of selfish success. Of course he appeals to throngs of voters. He is the voice they’ve been longing for. He made himself great (or so he claims) and the greedy want the same. It is basic human nature. […]

How Low Will Donald Trump Stoop To Win The Election? (TWEETS)

July 4, 2016 James Conrad 0

On July 2, 2016, Donald Trump Tweeted a graphic showing Hillary Clinton’s image in front of bundles of money with the caption “History Made” and a red six-pointed star containing the words “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever.” The next day the Mic.com discovered the image to have been linked to @Fishbone1, a now-defunct Twitter account that would regularly put out all kinds of prejudicial memes, leaving no stone unturned in terms of othering and disparaging people. It also did not take a genius to figure out that the connotations of the image were anti-Semitic, considering that during the Holocaust, the Nazis coerced the Jews into wearing yellow Stars of David for easy identification. […]

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