About Veronica Roberts
Mad as hell and am not going to take it anymore. OK, a little melodramatic but am sure you get the picture. Our current political climate unfortunately reflects eight years of Congress's inaction, ineffectiveness, party politics and spitefulness and a media playing press release to both parties. Enough. Let's take back the discourse and place it where it should be: with we the people. Let's lift our voices in unison and fight. Read my rants here and feel free to rant right along with me. And now that we have a president elect Trump, ranting is a necessity and being a watchdog--a requirement.

Crisis Unites Us

January 22, 2017 Veronica Roberts 0

The mood in the country runs along new deep fault lines: divided and concentrated. Those who voted for Donald J Trump are ecstatic at his swearing-in and those who were staunchly opposed are either wringing […]

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