Infighting Among The Democrats Will Cost Them The 2016 Election

March 8, 2016 James Conrad 0

Because neither Hillary Clinton nor Bernie Sanders has a perfect voting record and given that each candidate has taken numerous progressive stances, hardcore supporters of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton need to be less emotionally invested in their respective individual candidates and cut out the petty animosity, as this will only hurt either candidate’s chances in the 2016 Election. […]

Donald Trump Lies About Healthcare — So, What’s New?

March 5, 2016 James Conrad 0

During an interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN on February 18, 2016, Donald Trump stated that he was partial to the mandate within the Affordable Care Act that stipulates that everybody have health insurance and also said that people with a pre-existing health condition should still be eligible for insurance.

However, a series of Tweets the Donald posted the next day told an entirely different story. […]

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